Our Services are 99% Volunteer

Please reach out to us at:

(206) 937-7155


Our Services Include

A faith or community leader

We can provide you with the resources, educational materials, information, safety planning, and other support to effectively address congregational members who are victims and or survivors of violence, and those who behave violently.

A victim and / or survivor of violence

Individualized Advocacy Based Counseling and group support, safety planning, as well as other services for victim/survivors.

At risk of, or have behaved violently

Individualized information, resources, referrals and other services for those who behave violently (in cases, where it does not put victims at risk of further harm).

Someone in the community

If someone you know has been impacted by violence that either has happened, or is still happening, we can help with resources, safety planning, information, and emotional support.


We utilize a variety of Community Volunteers M.I.C facilitates special projects throughout the year, as well as administrative help, donations pickup & deliveries; technical assistance. Volunteers are a very important part of the equation for our organization. Without the help of committed volunteers, we would be unable to provide much needed services.

Interested In Volunteering

You can reach us at:

(206) 937-7155